I seek clean thickness flow and classic outlines in the surfboards I shape. Good paddling qualities and down the line speed are built into each board. Handmade in small batches, these craft offer unique surfing experiences. 


Keel Fins

The Keel Fins pick up all the available energy in a wave through long, driving turns that let a surfer experience flat out speed in even lackluster surfing conditions. In excellent conditions however, the Keel Fins really come alive, providing drive and a high level of control. The bottom contours are integral to the boards’ overall function. Slightly convex forward, the surfboard bottom flows to a flater panel in the center and then transitions to a concave area between the keels, continuing through the tail block. Also, along the outer edges of the bottoms of the boards, a 1/8th-inch bevel (approximately one-inch wide) blends into the radius of the rail to facilitate turning. One way to imagine keel fin design is to think of two singlefins glued side-by-side rather than thinking of the boards as “twin fins,” since the keel fins function independently of one another. Through any particular turn the “outside” fin is almost entirely out of the water, leaving only the remaining fin engaged, acting, for all intents, as one, single, fin.  

1984 Thruster (Updated):

The Thrusters take the glide and drive of the Keel Fin designs and add increased maneuverability. With wider overall outlines than most contemporary 3-fins, the “Updated” boards also carry more thickness through the center. Single-to-double concaves give these boards a loose and positive feeling, while the overall volume of the designs allows for efficient paddling. The “Updated” Thrusters combine the best aspects of early 80s surfboard characteristics with refined bottom contours for old school, fluid drive surfing.   


Inspired by the early big wave designs that have proved their worth in over 60 years of riding giant surf, the “Pioneer” series takes traditional outlines combined with contemporary bottom contours to produce boards for big wave surfing from 15-feet and up. Extra tail rocker and lower entry rocker allow the surfer to get maximum projection from his or her paddling strength. Once over the ledge on a significant wave, the forward “belly” of these designs cleaves the water upon touchdown and the increased tail rocker allows the aft-end of the board to release during the drop.    

Gliders and Hot Curls

Using the flowing lines of the big wave “Pioneer” series of boards, the small wave big boards are for the classic style of surfing. The 11’0” Hot Curl, with a small, 3-inch “disk” for a fin, is an exercise in rail control, and high-line trimming. A perfect solution to tiny surf at kelp-choked reefs, the Hot Curl taps the pre-war roots of modern surfing, as do the Simmons style Keel Fin Gliders. With long rail lines and flowing bottom contours that make any wave an adventure, the Simmons style Keel Fin Gliders really light up in point surf.