Plan Shapes


Shortboards (5’2” to 6’4”) should be ordered 1-2” shorter than the rider’s height. Surfboards California have excellent paddling characteristics and positive drive with a rail profile that makes for dynamic, old-school power surfing. Hand shaping allows for customer specification in all aspects of board design.


The Twin Fins “step-up” at 6’6”, riding like much bigger boards. With its forward wide point and beaked nose to carry thickness, the 6’6” has the paddle-feel of a 7’2”, and spiral vee and concaves keep the turning lively. Into the seven-foot realm, the outlines transition from wing-swallows to no-wing round-pin and swallow tails while retaining the True Ames Twin fin configuration.

Gliders & Guns: A distinct vein of Surfboards California design incorporates the influence of Bob Simmons and the “pioneer generation” of surfers like Pat Curren and Renny Yater in plan shapes that maximize glide and trim with dual keel-fin set-ups. Boards from 7’0” to 11’0” can be adapted as big wave guns or small wave gliders.

Set on Intention: a short video about shaping with Christian Beamish.




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